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Corporate Wellness

Health care costs are sky-rocketing!

Consider the estimated annual cost of physical inactivity in southeast Michigan (source: Detroit Free Press May 16, 2006)

  • 614 million: medical care
  • 12.5 million: workers compensation
  • 5.8 billion: lost productivity
  • 6.4 billion:overall cost, equal to $1,800 per person

DGS Fitness can help your employees get fit! A fit workforce reduces health care costs, increases productivity, and reduces absenteeism. DGS Fitness will come to your workplace and give your employees fitness evaluations for only $10 each. In-home personal training is discounted to $50 per session (unlimited) for companies that enroll three or more employees.

Put DGS Fitness information in your company newsletter or call for brochures and cards to distribute or to put on your bulletin board.

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